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What sets Highrise Strata Management apart from the rest

Highrise Strata Management commenced trading in June 2021 as a specialist Owners Corporation Management firm focusing solely on large Owners Corporations. The team at JFB Management Services established Highrise Strata after a successful 6 years administering their portfolio without a single lost management. We are proud to say that some of our buildings have remained loyal clients of our team of managers for over 15 years.

Through extensive management experience in the industry, the Highrise Strata team came to realise that the Owners Corporation Management needs of larger, prestigious sites across Melbourne were not being attended to with the care, dedication and high levels of customer service and relationship management they deserve.

It was therefore crucial to seek out and put together a team who embrace, live and breathe customer service excellence with a level of professionalism often lacking in the industry. All our personnel strive to make every client interaction a memorable and seamless experience.

We understand that Larger Owners Corporations face different challenges to smaller Strata schemes. We provide guidance and assistance to the Owners Corporation ensuring that all matters are dealt with professionally. Our team take pride in being easily accessible, responsive and proactive in delivering a service experience second to none.

We are able to offer our clients a level of excellence in customer service due to our unique position in the marketplace.  We are a business able to provide the kind of boutique service delivery customers seek from an owner-operator firm. Our customers also enjoy a high level of extensive administration support through proven systems and infrastructure that small firms do not ordinarily provide.

Enjoying in-house administrative support means that our firm is able to guarantee consistency in professionalism of the administrative functions we provide to our Owners Corporation clients. This in turn frees up the Owners Corporation Management team to dedicate the time required to attend to managing the needs and requirements of our clients with a focus on excellence in delivery of the relationship management with all stakeholders involved.

Our business has a strong focus on education of our clients and stakeholders for the betterment of the industry as a whole. We provide ongoing education to property management teams we interact with improving ability to read plans of subdivision and identify responsibility for repairs and maintenance between private and common property. This assists in not unnecessarily involving the Owners Corporation Manager in private lot matters whilst also giving the residential property managers we deal with the comfort and knowledge to be able to refer matters to the Owners Corporation for attention in a prompt manner where appropriate.

We emphasise the benefits of each lot owner having adequate insurance cover over and above the strata building insurance policies in place, advising our clients at each available opportunity to seek appropriate independent advice to ensure their varying individual needs are adequately covered.

As with any successful business, our staff are our number one asset and their wellbeing is held in high regard by the firm. The team regularly engage in company sponsored team building, social and charitable activities. Having staff members in place who feel appreciated in their roles ensures a willingness to go above and beyond for our valued clients. The team have a great bond and camaraderie.

This investment in staff has flowed into high levels of staff retention. By limiting the amount of turnover, we are able to provide additional benefit to the Owners Corporations by ensuring experience doesn’t leave with staff. This is further supported by our Manager, Associate and dedicated Accounts Staffing Model, having three experienced team members working with each Committee.

Unconditional Service Guarantee

In delivery of Owners Corporation management services, the following unconditional service guarantees and principals underpin every aspect of our operation:

We look forward to welcoming you to the exclusive Highrise family.